Synthetic gun oil

How to lubricate entry doors and what to use

Table of contents: Why is it important to lubricate a lock? How often do locks need to be oiled? Precautionary measures What parts have to be oiled? How to lubricate a door lock? What to use for lubricating a lever tumbler lock? What to use for lubricating a cylinder lock? What to use for lubricating a combination lock? What else is to be used for lubricating a door lock?   […]

Antique ceiling lamps, wooden table and wicker chairs in the kitchen of an Italian style

Italian Kitchen Decor – the charm of tradition

Italian style performs peace and tranquility, always associates with family ties and stable traditions. It gives a wonderful feeling of fireside comfort making the interior of your kitchenlook very organic. Today we will show you what techniques decorators use to bring some Italian notes to modern kitchen design. Italian style – finishing Traditional Italian style, which can be easily found on the premises of Tuscany countryside, is expected to contain […]

Glass door for sauna room

Choice of glass doors for sauna

Content: Glass doors for sauna and theirs advantages; Variety of glass doors; Installation of swing glass door; At what points it is necessary to pay attention during the purchase.   Saunas and bathhouses have a very rich history of development; and as a result of it, they kept many ancient traditions in the modern epoch. For example, in tsarist Russia before washing in the Russian bath it was necessary to […]

Door lock lubricant

What lubricant to use to silence squeaking door hinges

Contents: Causes of door hinges squeaking What lubricant to use for a creaky door Special products for a creaking door lubrication How to lubricate the hinges of a plastic, wooden or glass door What lubricant to use for a door lock   Sooner or later the fact of unpleasant sound of a squeaking door starts inevitably to annoy even the patient people with a good nervous system. To solve this […]

Components of the metal door weight

What is the weight of a metal front door?

Table of contents: Components of the door weight Entrance doors weight   To ensure reliable protection of the housing against outside penetration, metal door is the most commonly used thing, it is characterized by reliability and durability. Weight of a metal door determines its stability against mechanical cracking and deformation in the process of operation. Steel hall-doors are to protect the housing from break-in and to ensure its convenient operation. […]

Keyless door lock

Coded Door Lock: Mechanical and Electronic

Table of contents: Mechanical coded lock on a door Structure of a mechanical coded lock Electronic or magnetic coded lock on a door How to set a code lock on a door by own forces   From the moment when people come up with the first door they are scratching their heads over how to protect doors from the invasion of uninvited guests. Locks have existed since ancient times and […]

Magnetic door catch

Magnetic Door Locks

Table of contents: The types of magnetic locks; Principle of operation; Advantages and disadvantages; Installation of a passive lock (magnetic door catch); Installation of a electromagnetic lock; Repair of a magnetic lock.   Making repairs in a room and changing doors, it is worth considering a lock which will be installed on them. Magnetic locks are increasingly preferred. They are installed both on front and on interior doors.   Types of […]

Metal profile for arch

Arch in Kitchen: Types and Installation

Table of contents: A kitchen arch instead of a door Importance of a kitchen arch in the context of the indoor message Utility of plasterboard Pre-planning Choice of an arch style Combination of a kitchen arch with a bar counter The construction of an arch by own forces using plasterboard   Arch is one of the oldest architectural techniques, a unique shape design which allowed to leave its imprint virtually […]

Painting and restoration of interior doors

What type of paint to use for staining interior doors

Table of contents: What kind of paint should be used while painting the door; The procedure of painting the door; How to paint the door properly;   Painting internal doors can not only renew and refresh the interior, but also protects the door from the negative influence of external factors. While choosing the paint for interior doors, keep in mind that stained surface must be practical and at the same […]

The glass door to the bathroom

Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet

Contents: What material is better for the door in the bathroom? Possible constructions of the doors in the bathroom and toilet Accessories Color And Decor   Bathroom and toilet are quite specific rooms, Requirements for the doors in these rooms are also special:  Presence of moisture and steam requires the installation of the moisture resistant door designs; Doors should be tight, avoid leaking out smells and sounds; An important requirement […]

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