Painting wooden doors

What type of paint to use for staining interior doors

Table of contents: What kind of paint should be used while painting the door; The procedure of painting the door; How to paint the door properly;   Painting internal doors can not only renew and refresh the interior, but also protects the door from the negative influence of external factors. While choosing the paint for interior doors, keep in mind that stained surface must be practical and at the same […]

The metalplastic door to the bathroom and toilet

Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet

Contents: What material is better for the door in the bathroom? Possible constructions of the doors in the bathroom and toilet Accessories Color And Decor   Bathroom and toilet are quite specific rooms, Requirements for the doors in these rooms are also special:  Presence of moisture and steam requires the installation of the moisture resistant door designs; Doors should be tight, avoid leaking out smells and sounds; An important requirement […]

Modern sliding doors

Types of sliding interior doors

Table of contents: Functions of sliding interior doors; Dimensions of the sliding interior doors;   While starting repairs, everyone has to solve a lot of problems. The choice of sliding interior doors is one of them. Sliding doors differ from the conventional swing doors in the way they open. They also require considerably less space. The door panel hanged on a sliding mechanism, on the rollers, moves along the guideway. […]

Mechanical removal of paint from wood doors

How to paint a door with your own hands

Table of contents: Types of paint for doors, how to choose; Recommendations for choosing colors; Preparing the canvas for painting; Working tools; Painting doors: all the peculiarities; Making repairs in a house or an apartment, you should think about the restoration of the old doors. This is especially true for wooden products made from solid wood of valuable species. If interior doors are made of fiberboard or MDF (Medium Density […]

The color of the veneer

Veneer doors, what is it?

What is a wood veneer and its application scope Benefits of veneered products Types of veneers and qualitative features Laminated or veneered doors – which is better   It happens very often that those people, who make repairs with their own hands, collect useful information  on it from consultants, stores or ordinary citizens who already have such an experience, hear advice to buy veneer doors or finishing materials from veneer. […]

Cover door wood veneer

Methods of decorative finishing of interior doors

The final cost depends on a way of decoration, so if you break your head over how to choose interior doors at affordable cost, take it step carefully. According to the method of decoration doors are divided into: veneered; laminated; painted.   Veneered doors Veneer is a decorative coating which can be natural, reconstructed or of deciduous fast-growing species. Technology is as follows: thin slices of wood are attached to […]

How to age wood for interior and exterior doors

How to age wood at home

Contents list: Chemicals for aging wood Thermal impact for aging wood Alternative methods to get the old effect Make the piece of furniture a few decades older than it is in just a few minutes by using a metal brush. The point of this method is that this tool allows you to remove the soft fibers, which obscure the rings growth. These rings are precisely to create a perception that […]

French doors

How to choose Patio & Sliding Doors – Buying Guide

What are the differences between Patio doors, French doors and sliding doors? Patio doors can be single-paned and multiple-paned, in-swinging, out-swinging, and much more. The main distinction between sliding and patio doors is that sliders glide and patio doors swing. A sliding door usually has one stationary panel and a corresponding panel that slides sideways in top and bottom tracks. As a rule, patio door has a pair of doors […]

Aluminum interior doors

Aluminium interior and entrance doors

Doors made of aluminum shapes are a good choice for any type of rooms. The main advantage of setting up of aluminum interior doors is their durability which is achieved due to the environmental resistance of aluminum. Moreover, in the manufacturing of shapes a special aluminum alloy and anodizing, that improve the qualitative characteristics of finished constructions, are used.Aluminum shapes allow input constructions to be more firm and robust. Aluminum […]

Modern dark patio glass doors

Glass interior doors

Glass is a material which is currently used for door construction more and more often. This is not only because of the original appearance, but also strength. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Doors, made of glass, are virtually impossible to break. The glass can be of three types: triplex. It consists of a double leaf of glass and plastic. This construction provides the ideal surface smoothness, which facilitates door […]

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