What is a double cylinder door lock?


As far as security is concerned, there is no denying the fact that you can never go wrong with good old fashioned door locks. Whether it is a lock for your tool shed or one for the office back door, these simple and traditional forms of security offer great benefits when applied correctly. After all, the goal is to protect your investment, ensure your privacy, and you want to get it done effectively. Double cylinder lock units in particular are a favorite on account of their perfect combination of security and easy operation. Below is a general review of this lock design in terms of how it works and benefits that you have to look forward to. There are also a few tips and guidelines that should help you ensure that you settle for the very best double cylinder door lock on the market.


Double Cylinder Door Lock - What is a double cylinder door lock?


Double Cylinder Lock Design

What is a double lock? Before getting into details of all the perks that you have to look forward to with Euro double lock cylinders, it is very important to understand what they are. More specifically, it is important to understand the specifics of this unique lock design. Technically, a double cylinder door lock is one of the two types of deadbolt locks with the other option being the single cylinder lock. It is therefore important to first understand the deadbolt lock design before delving into details about the double cylinder lock design.

Euro Double Cylinder Lock 728x728 - What is a double cylinder door lock?

A deadbolt lock is a cylinder operated lock which requires complete rotation of the cylinder to unlatch the bolt. This means that you cannot open the lock unless you have the right key. Double cylinder deadbolt locks in particular allow locking and unlocking on both sides of the door for additional security. With this design in place, it is impossible or at the very least extremely difficult to gain forced or unauthorized access both into and out of a building.


Benefits Of A Double Cylinder Door Lock

Modern Double Cylinder Lock 728x364 - What is a double cylinder door lock?

Having answered the question on what a double lock cylinder is, the next thing to determine if they indeed walk the talk. The benefits are numerous, which is why these locks are bestsellers all over the world. Why should you make them your choice to secure your premises? Without further ado, below are three key benefits of double cylinder door locks that you have to look forward to.

  1. They are resistant to most lock manipulation techniques

This is without a doubt the number one perk of working with double cylinder deadbolt locks. The design makes it impossible to access the lock through many techniques used by lock pickers. One of this is good old fashioned brute force. This may work on spring bolt locks but is utterly useless on double cylinder locks. Another commonly used technique is lock picking which is basically impossible with these locks. In addition to benefits over other lock designs, the double cylinder deadbolt lock offers one main advantage over the single cylinder variety. This is the fact that it prevent door opening from the inside in the event that access is gained through a window or other entryway.

  1. They are strong and therefore durable

The brand and design quality has a large bearing on the lock’s strength and durability. However, double cylinder door locks are considerably stronger and tend to last longer than most other lock designs available. This is due to the basic simple yet effective design that protects the lock from both manual manipulation and inevitable deterioration.

  1. They are versatile in terms of applicability

The third most important benefit that they bring to the table is flexibility. With the amazing security benefit offered, it goes without saying that you can use these locks anywhere. They are of course best applied in the residential setting where there is risk of gaining access into the building through another avenue. In this case, you can rest assured that the criminal will not be able to let their comrades in. They are also very useful in commercial building settings with the strength and security offered by the lock being perfect backup for automated security systems.

Double cylinder door locks - What is a double cylinder door lock?

How To Pick Out The Best Unit For Your Security

Before we conclude, it is important to get a few tips and guidelines on how to pick the best lock to suit your specific security needs. Below are a few that should come in handy.

  • Consider brand history

When it comes to security, brand history is everything. You can never and will never go wrong with a trusted brand. This is because of the constant dedication to customer satisfaction that ensures that you get nothing but the best quality locks to work with. In order to zero in on these brands, you will have to do a bit of research with customer testimonials and reviews being a great place to start.

  • Consider lock material

The other very important factor to consider is the material used to make the lock. This determines a lot including the level of security offered and the overall durability of the lock. It also has a bearing on aesthetics which is usually important in the residential setting. In this case, materials such as stainless steel, brass and chrome are among the best.

  • Consider additional features present

Finally, it is very important to consider additional features that come with the double cylinder lock. In this case, an important bonus feature to keep an eye out for is presence of a switch knob. This makes the lock a lot easier to use. Others include key type and opening mechanisms as well as features that make installation and repair easy.

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Bottom line

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the question "what is a double cylinder door lock?" has been sufficiently answered. It goes without saying that these locks have earned every bit of hype that they receive from both commercial and residential building owners. In a nutshell, all the amazing benefits make the locks a worthy investment. All you need to do is follow the simple shopping tips and guidelines and you will have the right Euro double cylinder lock on your door in no time.

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