Elite doors stylized classically

Meanwhile, practical experience shows: wood enjoys consistently high popularity in the manufacture of classic interior doors, the style of a room, in which they are used, does not matter. Such popularity is understandable: wood is a material that gives any interior presentability, elegance and nobility; in our minds it is firmly associated with comfort and warmth in a house. That is why wood and products manufactured of it never go out of fashion.


Common methods of making classical interior doors

Making of interior doors - Elite doors stylized classically

Currently, two basic technologies of classic wooden doors are the most widely used, each of which has its own characteristics and they are optimally suited for different occasions. If you use the first one shield interior doors are made, if the second - panel ones.

Doubtless advantages of the technology of manufacturing of panel wood doors is provided opportunity to maximum simplify production and minimize the costs. Constructive basis of panel door is a frame which is sheathed on both sides of wooden bars; internal filling of a door can be represented by a monolithic or cell-type material.

A choice of a material has a significant effect on the weight of a door:

  • if monolithic filler is used, the product becomes much weightier;
  • a choice of cell-type filler (usually pressboard or MDF construction is used) to reduce the door weight.

Wooden bars, used for shield doors covering, give high heat and noise insulation properties, while providing an attractive appearance.

Classic luxury entrance doors made of solid wood 728x485 - Elite doors stylized classically

Classical interior doors of paneled type include a frame made of wood; it consists of the basic bars (so-called ledgers) and bars which divide a door leaf into pieces (the so-called cross-rails). Furthermore, the design of a door includes panels that fill the space between bars; alternatively inserts can be used made of wood or other material. In a market there are varieties of panel doors in which panels are effectively complemented by glass inserts.

Doubtless advantages doors of paneled type are their low weight, high sound insulation properties and opportunities for creativity, which are opened to designers working with these products. Another fact is that many elite doors, produced by leading manufacturers, are paneled.

Describing the interior doors of paneled type we emphasize their ability to be a great ornament of the most exquisite rooms. Such doors can combine organically with antique furniture, expensive china sets, paintings in rich frames. Classic interior doors of paneled type can adequately decorate not only an interior, designed in a traditional style: these products perfectly fit into the interior design in a modern style, rooms in the "ecological" style and many other interiors.

Luxury classic door - Elite doors stylized classically


Classic interior doors made of oak solid

One of the most common materials used for the manufacture of classic interior doors is oak solid. The list of its advantages is quite impressive:

  • Oak solid has a high durability: a door made of this material retains its original properties for decades;
  • This material provides excellent heat and sound insulation;
  • Oak solid is very environmentally friendly: made from it products even when influencing of high temperature and humidity, do not emit substances into the atmosphere that may pose a risk to people and environment;
  • Products made of oak solid are unusually attractive: their use in an interior is capable of the best way to emphasize the impeccable taste and high status of an owner of an apartment or a house.


luxury interior door design classic style elite doors 728x696 - Elite doors stylized classically

When designing an interior project in the classical style, interior doors of solid can be the best choice of a designer, which harmoniously fit into such interior and give it completeness. Expensive and prestigious appearance of these doors can be attributed to a status of their products, which effectively emphasize respectability and solvency of an owner.

Listed above practical and attractive aesthetic qualities, which oak solid gives to doors used in their manufacture, are achieved only if the requirements for the production are fulfilled completely. There are a lot of requirements:

  • wood should be selected very carefully: knots and other defects are completely unacceptable;
  • the material should be properly dried out: after the completion of this process, the value of the residual moisture content of wood should not exceed 8%;
  • ideal geometric forms must be given to all constructive elements of doors;
  • installation of doors should be done responsibly.


Classic interior doors made of oak solid wood processing - Elite doors stylized classically

Modern manufacturers, operating in a highly competitive environment, realize the importance of compliance with the requirements listed above. Today a consumer has the opportunity to purchase qualitative (durable, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing) interior doors. The Italian experts were particularly successful in the production of elite varieties of the products; products produced by them deserve special consideration.

Leading positions that are held by Italian doors in the market segment are certainly deserved. The basis of success is the age-old traditions of the masters of Italy, their rich experience in woodworking, as well as achievements in the field of design and they have received worldwide recognition. These advantages are ideally complemented by the use of modern door technologies; the result is a product with impeccable quality and aesthetic perfection.

luxury door design photo 728x698 - Elite doors stylized classically

The long tradition of Italian experts to travel around the world, studying the features of the manufacture of doors played an important role in forming the success of Italian doors. Collected grains of knowledge are embodied by the Italians in their production, so we can admire the magnificent interior doors that make our interiors extremely stylish, elegant and noble.

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