Interior French Doors with glass

Interior French doors with glass have long been popular among homeowners around the world, and it’s not surprising why that is. They are a good example of how it’s not only possible to have beautiful exterior doors, but also stunning interior doors, which is something just as important, but not necessarily something that may cross your mind at first. A door may seem like a simple object used to connect rooms, but it is a vital part of any home which can add to the decorative appeal. A French door can offer a stylish and classic look to your home, whilst at the same time creating a generous opening for natural light. With the right French door, you can really give your home that certain flair.

Luxary Interior french double doors with glass - Interior French Doors with glass


One thing that makes interior French doors with glass great is that they help give a greater sense of connection between different rooms in your home, due to the fact that they allow natural light to pass through them. They give a sense of an openness in your home, which certainly gives a lasting impression on guests. Depending on the layout of your home, a French door would also bring in a lot more natural light, meaning you would also not need to have the lights on as much during those wonderful and long, summer nights. It also works both ways – not only do you get more natural light in your home, you also have the opportunity for a fantastic view of your garden, the sky, a beach… wherever your home may be!

Interior french doors with frosted glass - Interior French Doors with glass

French doors definitely offer more versatility than a simple, open archway or a standing connecting door between two rooms would. You get the openness of an archway, but also the opportunity to completely separate two rooms. French doors are also good for the environment, not only because they would save electricity as you wouldn’t need to turn the lights on as much, as mentioned above, but they also keep heat or cooled air within a room.

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The proper definition of a French door is a double door with several glass panes which span the entire length of a door. However, an accepted alternate design choice is to have only one large glass pane filling the door’s entire length. Another is to have only the top half of the door paned.

Believe it or not, French doors date all the way back to the seventeenth century, a time in history that has been linked to an unprecedented Renaissance of art and architecture. Back then, more and more new and creative ideas were being used for building construction. There was a big focus on regularity, symmetry, geometry, and proportion, and that is why several panels of glass were used in a door, as that therefore means that more light passes through. Back then, that was particularly useful, as the light that came through also helped lighten up rooms without any windows, which was beneficial due to the lack of electricity in those days. It’s safe to say that French doors have come a long way since the Renaissance, but one thing hasn’t changed: French doors will always bring elegance, beauty, as well as functionality to your home.

French doors with frosted glass for the bedroom 728x588 - Interior French Doors with glass

There are many different styles of interior French doors with glass. Originally, French doors were made of wood, and that is still partly the case today. Two options include stained wood and painted distressed wood styles. You could have doors that were made of walnut wood, with a soothing dark flare, or perhaps a lighter wood, such as douglas fir, giving your home a bright and open feel. You can also, of course, paint the doors to match any style in any room. It is also possible to have a French door made of metal, such as aluminium, for a more modern look, which in time came slightly more popular due to metal being a much stronger and lighter material compared to wood.

You can choose different types of glass for your interior French doors. One factor which may affect your decision is the amount of privacy you would like for a given room. For example, for a bathroom, you may wish to consider having frosted glass. Other living spaces, such as a lounge or a kitchen, may benefit more from clear glass. You may also like to consider glass with frosted cuts, which would also serve as a decorative accent. Other types of glass include beveled glass, stained glass and grooved glass. Colored glass panes are also a unique way to personalize your doors.

Sliding French doors with frosted glass - Interior French Doors with glass

We have different types of French doors. As well as the basic interior and exterior forms, there are also other types, such as bi-fold doors, which have 2 to 4 foldable sections, which can be folded into pairs. They typically open or fold from either of the sides. Bi-fold doors are usually used in indoor closets. Multi-fold doors can double up as room dividers. They are specially designed for use in places that need folding doors for purposes of covering a space that is wider than normal. There is also the popular sliding door. This is popular for those who wish to leave a lot of space in their home. They are a brilliant choice for balconies and patios, where there may perhaps be a somewhat limited amount of space. They usually slide open as well as close on a small track, which allows more room for furniture and any other décor you may have. This kind of French door adds a lot of light as well as a modern touch to your patio, and it also allows guests to come into and leave your house without hassle ease. It is also possible to have a curtain over the door, adding a touch of privacy and elegance. Blinds can also be mounted to one side, which would then allow you to control the light flow, as well as the amount of privacy you wish to have.

There is a somewhat nostalgic appeal and romantic charm associated with French doors. That might explain why they have been used by home owners across the globe for centuries. And with so many advantages and so many varieties to choose from, a French door would be the perfect addition to your home.

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