Materials of interior doors construction

Modern interior doors are made from different materials.

Fiber building board Doors

Doors of fiber building board became popular because of an affordable price. A frame made of wood, covered with sheets of fiber building board, is lightweight; it is easy to transport and to set up. The quality of a door leaf corresponds to the price. Unfortunately, doors of fiber building board have low durability and poor sound insulation. They should be not set up in rooms with high humidity level.

MDF Doors

A door leaf made of MDF is more expensive than doors made of fiber building board, but it differs in quality, improved durability, humidity resistance, sound insulation. This door will last a long time.

Solid wood Doors

A door of solid wood is a more expensive choice, but the numerous benefits completely pay back the costs. Depending on the species of wood, price of a product will fluctuate, low-priced products are made of pine and high-class species of wood are ash, oak.

 Glass doors

Glass interior doors are now in-demand and popular. Many people prefer to equip their apartments in the design of high-tech, for which this material will be very suitable. A glass leaf is not cheap, because an ordinary glass is not used, and a crashworthy glass (multiplex) is used. If different decorations are added, the cost increases. Glass doors are high-class interior doors which adorn any interior environment with its elegance and originality. Heat-strengthened glass has good durability, it is difficult to break such product. An alternative to all-glass door leaf is a door is made of wood with elements and inserts of transparent, frosted or mirrored glass.

Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are made of anodized aluminum, which are given colorless anodic treatment and electropolishing. The result is a safe material which does not deform and keeps the initial properties for a long time.

Shapes, used in the construction of aluminum doors, can be of two types - warm and cold. A warm aluminum shape in its structure has several sections or chambers, each of which is constructed using a press. Reducing of heat loss is achieved by filling sections of a shape with special polymeric materials which serve as thermal bridge. The construction of a cold shape is simpler; it consists of a single chamber without filling. It is recommended to set up such doors in places where there is no need for heat insulation.

Aluminum doors can be either solid or with glass inserts, they can be painted if desired. This is the best choice for apartments in high-tech style which gives it notes of lightness and tastefulness.

Plastic doors (PVC)

Interior doors made from high quality plastic more and more gain popularity in the market of constructional materials from year to year. Interior plastic doors are the most popular because of their durability, ease of upkeep (such doors are resistant to household chemicals, easy to clean), the affordable price and beautiful appearance.

Interior doors PVC are bought not only for business centers, shops, places of mass visits, but also for country houses, apartments, staircases of apartment buildings. These doors are so popular because of their increased sound and heat insulation, easy opening and simplicity of upkeep.

Masonite Interior Doors

Masonite is the name of the Canadian company designed the door construction technology, which is the frame covered with fiber building board fiberboard and ornamental finishing.

Masonite doors are lightweight, environmentally safe, resistant to temperature changes, relatively cheap, have attractive appearance. However, a leaf with paper filling has low wear resistance.

57 Photos of the Materials of interior doors construction

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  1. John Neville says:

    In my opinion, the best doors - wooden. Doors from this material - eco-friendly and very beautiful.

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