Throw Dice online. How to roll dice?

Dice - one of the oldest games in the world, which has thousands of years. They were originally made from animal bones, and according to myths and legends, also human bones, from here comes their name and a certain mystical aura. Dice were played in Ancient Egypt, Rome, India, from where they, with the development of trade and cultural ties, entered the Western world. Today, the most popular option for playing dice is craps - it is played both at home and in casinos, including online casinos. In total, there are several dozen varieties of this game.

online dice roller - Throw Dice online. How to roll dice?

The basic principle of the game is simple and understandable to all - players roll dice, the amount of points scored on the dice is calculated. Dice themselves are used in a wide variety of board games, forcing them to perform various actions on the map. And, of course, not a single casino in the world can live without them. However, to play dice, you can use various programs and applications, such as our cube online.

How to roll dice online?

What should I do if there are no dice at hand or someone likes to cheat with them? The dice generator easily solves this problem, because here a computer program throws dice, and it is impossible to manipulate the result of its work. The numbers from 1 to 6 fall out randomly.

In addition, our cube simulator is capable of much, because we have developed many additional variations of it. In addition to the classic cube with six faces, we have variations of four, eight, ten and even twenty sides, which would be simply impossible in real life. And such virtual dice can seriously diversify ordinary games.

Online dice have many advantages:

- firstly, they will always be at hand, most importantly, have access to the Internet;
- secondly, they do not risk getting lost, roll under the sofa;
- thirdly, they exclude the risk of fraud, because unlike ordinary cubes, which can fall to the brink, they always give a clear result.
Online dice is an entertaining entertainment, partly contributing to the development of intuition. With our service you can roll dice online with great convenience.

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