What is the weight of a metal front door?

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To ensure reliable protection of the housing against outside penetration, metal door is the most commonly used thing, it is characterized by reliability and durability. Weight of a metal door determines its stability against mechanical cracking and deformation in the process of operation.

Steel hall-doors are to protect the housing from break-in and to ensure its convenient operation. Here there is a list of the characteristics a metal door should have:

  • Metal door should have a sufficient margin of safety. It is essential to protect the door from cracking.
  • In addition to strength, the door construction should be "intelligent". Such a quality can be assured with a reliable system of constipation.
  • Metal door should make it possible to observe. This is achieved by using special video-systems, or at least – with an ordinary door peephole.
  • Iron hall-door should be heat- As a heat insulators to fill her canvases different materials can be used: foam plastic, mineral wool, and others.
  • A door leaf weight has to match the quality and power of its hinges. Otherwise, a heavy door on weak hinges can be easily knocked out off the doorway.


Components of the door weight

The main parameter that defines the weight of the front door is the thickness of metal sheets used in its manufacture. Above it weight of metal doors depends on:

  • weight of the door frame;
  • the heatl insulation layer;
  • number of strengthening ribs;
  • outer skin;
  • the necessary fittings.

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Sheet steel is used in the door manufacturing, and it can be of hot and cold rolling. The first type of steel is cheap but rusts quickly. The steel of the second type is more expensive, it is more resistant to moisture and therefore suitable for exterior doors of entrances of multistoried building or private houses.

Common thickness of the thin steel plates is 0.8 mm, and of the thick is – 4mm. For apartment hall -doors sheets with a thickness of 2-3mm are used, and for the doors to protect entrances of the cottages or villas thicker sheets are chosen – 4mm.

Components of the metal door weight - What is the weight of a metal front door?

In order to lessen the door weight and to increase its stiffness special edges are made of profiled iron. The minimum number of edges installed in metal painting must be at least three: two of them are arranged vertically at the door and another one - horizontally.

The weight of the metal door is also depends on the material and the thickness of the heat-insulation, which is put in its panel. Slabs of polystyrene are much lighter than those of mineral wool.

To give the iron door attractive appearance, its leaves are edged with various materials: Medium Density Fiberboards, laminated panels, wood strips, veneer and other. Using it you increase weight of the door leaf as well.

Door fittings, including locks, handles and hinges also affect the overall weight of the structure. Some locking mechanisms have a mass of more than 5kg. Heavy weight of the door leaf requires a larger number of loops. Standard entrance doors usually have two hinges, and particularly heavy ones care hung at 3-4 loops.

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Overall, the entire mass of the door unit with the frame must not weigh more than necessary for its functional purpose.


Entrance doors weight.

Common iron entrance doors have small weight from 40 to 50kg. The lightest of these are Chinese products weighting about 40kg. They are powder-sprayed and thickness of the sheets is not more than 2mm. These doors will not be able to protect well the entrance to the apartment, although having a good appearance.

Optimal weight of apartment metal doors should be 60-70kg. Such doors almost always have a decorative covering, which in addition to its primary function plays the role of an additional heat-insulator.

In addition to the standard apartment doors there are special models which are much heavier. For example, the weight of metal fire-resistant doors can be up to 130 kg. It includes the weight of the metal door block and the fire-resistant mineral wool. The size of such a door also affects its weight. Fire-resistant characteristics of the fire-resistant doors do not depend on the thickness of the sheets. The main criteria are the thickness and density of the insulating filler of the door. Weight of the heavy-duty doors having two or three layers of steel may exceed 150kg.

Of course, this door will provide maximum protection, but too bulky contruction can deliver some inconveniences during the installation, besides, heavy doors eventually crash.

Entrance metal door drawing composition - What is the weight of a metal front door?

To determine weight of a metal door, the following formula is often used: weight of 1m2 of door block is multiplied by the area of the door.

Choosing a metal door, you should not focus only on the weight of the block. Manufacturer is also of great importance. Firms thinking of their reputation, will not use low-quality raw materials, increase weight of the products, and will direct their activities to increasing the quality of the door constructions.

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