Chrome Door Knobs Guide

All You Need To Know About Chrome Door Knobs.

When it comes to home décor and accessorization, it is the small details that matter the most. Take door knobs for instance. The size, design and material you choose will make a huge difference in how the door appears and how the entire set-up fits in with the room’s décor theme. However, in this case there are materials that you can never go wrong with and one of them is chrome. Chrome door knobs are all the rage these days and with the many aesthetic and functional advantages they come with, it is not so hard to see why people can’t get enough. Below is all you need to know about them.

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Why Chrome Door Knobs?

Chrome is a shiny nonreactive material that is used to coat other metals for aesthetic appeal and to prevent exposure to potentially corrosive materials. Below are five advantages of working with chrome plated door knobs in your home.

  1. Aesthetic value. At first glance, chrome door knobs look a lot like silver door knobs. This means that you get to enjoy elegance and beauty similar to silver’s without breaking the bank. The shiny metal gives a modern and edgy feel which is both attractive and versatile. Therefore, whether you want it for your vintage style study or for the simple classic white front door, you can rest assured that these small pieces will make a huge difference.
  2. Chrome plating prevents corrosion. Chrome is one hundred per cent rust and corrosion resistant. When used to coat the door knob core, you can rest assured that the entire unit will be sufficiently protected from corrosion in spite of exposure to water and other corrosive elements. This makes it perfect for use in bathroom and kitchen cabinets where there is water, salt and all other sorts of chemicals flying around everywhere. The result is a constantly shiny door knob that will serve you efficiently for a very long time.
  3. Chrome door knobs are easy to clean. Another reason why chrome door knobs are so popular is the fact that they are super easy to clean. The smooth surface prevents staining and all you have to do is to pass a clean wet cloth over it to get rid of dirt and grime accumulated from constant hand contact.
  4. It increases the surface hardness of the door knob. Chrome might be shiny and pretty but it is one of the strongest materials there is. Chromium plating helps protect the door knob not only from rust and corrosion but also from damage due to high impact forces. It does this by hardening the surface. That way, you don’t have to worry about chipped or cracked door knobs throwing out the aesthetic balance or putting your guests and residents at risk of injury.
  5. It is smooth. Finally, chrome door knobs are awesome due to their smooth nature. This means that you and your guests get treated to a brief and soothing hand massage every time you open a door.

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Types Of Chrome Door Knobs

There are two main types of chrome door knobs based on the two main types of chrome.

  • Decorative - Decorative chrome door knobs are the most popular kind. They combine aesthetics and functionality and it is this that makes them perfect for domestic use.
  • Industrial - As the name suggests, industrial chrome focuses more on the functionality and less on the aesthetics. This type of chrome is rarely used on door knobs but is instead used on door bars in industries among its many other applications.

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Care And Maintenance Of Chrome Door Knobs

One of the best things about working with chrome door knobs is the fact that they are pretty low maintenance. Below are a few tips and guidelines to ensure that yours look good and serve you well for a very long time.

  1. Clean the surface on a regular basis - Chrome door knobs are super easy to clean so this should not be too hard. All you need is lukewarm water, a little soap and a clean absorbent cloth. This helps to get rid of grease from our hands and dirt from the environment. If you want your door knobs to shine a little brighter, you could always use chrome door knob polish to buff the surfaces after you have cleaned them.
  2. Grease the movable parts - This maintenance practice applies to all door knobs types and not just chrome. It ensures that the knob works perfectly overtime. This applies mainly if the door knob doubles as the lock and not just as a tool to pull the door with.
  3. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures if possible - Chrome is metal and metal conducts heat. Exposure to extreme temperatures could cause harm to the door’s users. Exposure to heat also causes decorative chrome to lose its glow over time which leaves your door knobs looking dull and boring. Therefore if possible, avoid installing them where there is direct sunlight or unhindered exposure to things like snow.
  4. Avoid using the door knob as a hook to hang your items - This is a horrible habit that many of us are guilty of. You get home after a long day, take off your coat and bag and use the door knob as your hanging hook. With time, this weakens the rivets and screws that hold the chrome door knob to the door and increases chances that it will come loose and require to be installed again.

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Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that chrome door knobs deserve all the hype that they have been receiving. They are the perfect combination of great aesthetics and functionality making it easy to install and use anywhere in the house. The information above should help you understand more about why they are so great, how to choose the right door knob and how to take care of it once it is in your home. That way, whether you are building a new home or you are simply renovating, you will get the most out of the simple beauty and sheer elegance of chrome door knobs.

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