Carved oak doors with gold

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Carved oak doors with gold
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  • Carved oak doors with gold

    Carved oak doors with gold

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Doors made of natural oak : Carved Oak Doors With Gold

Quote from Article entitled Doors made of natural oak:

They are the most prestigious of their kind, as they are made from natural piece of high-quality wood, they look very aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Choosing an expensive interior door of oak solid, a owner emphasizes his status and identity. Such models have high reliability, functionality and durability.They have high durability. Such material, such as oak, is a high-durable and wear-resistant, they are the best representative of their class. Doors made of oak are not subject to deformation as a result of exposure to environmental factors, and they can last for several decades with proper care without any loss of properties. The special paint coatings, reducing data exposure, are used for durability to temperature changes and humidity changes when manufacturing of doors.Soundproofing. Doors of oak solid hardly miss sound, so this kind of interior doors is popular when installing in bedrooms, children's rooms and balconies. An owner feels more comfortable and cozy with such door.They consist of almost 100% of wood, which is an environmentally friendly material. Therefore, a door of oak solid is the most reliable solution for residential installation.

The main disadvantage of oak solid doors is dependence of contact with moisture. It negatively affects wood, decreases its life, a leaf may be deformed, and change a size. Therefore, when manufacturing of doors of this type wood passes the various stages of drying in special ovens and it is covered with a special varnish. If it is known beforehand that a door is installed in a place with high humidity, it is recommended to add paint and varnish, to dry for 3-4 days, and only then to set.The wood is very heavy, therefore, the installation of interior doors made of oak solid is complicated . But this problem can be encountered only when installing, after this it will be eliminated, because of this you can pay no attention to this disadvantage.Over time, due to the large weight of the structure, a door leaf can be slightly deformed, and hinges on which it is held, can weaken. Therefore, they occasionally need a little pull.The high cost. However, an owner would get a reliable and durable interior door, which will serve him for a long time significantly.

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