Video call for a front door in an apartment. Video door phone.

Table of contents:

  1. Working principle of the video call device (video door phone).
  2. Functions and additional possibilities of the video call device (video interphone).
  3. What should you look for when choosing a video call device (videophone)?
  4. Installation peculiarities and Special features of the video call devic (videophone).


In order to provide safety for themselves and for their relatives, people choose different devices and appliances. Video call device (video door phone) for your apartment is perfect for this purpose. It will help to avoid potentially dangerous contact with strangers, thus, increasing the level of safety and security of your belongings and properties.Video call for a front door


The working principle of the video call device (video door phone)

Door video call device (videophone) consists of:

  • a monitor;
  • an access panel;
  • a ribbon cable.

The working principle of the door videophone

The monitor is usually fixed to the front door. It can be colored or black and white, equipped with a tube and/or a loudspeaker dynamic and have a couple of buttons to control the device. With the help of it, in addition to the installation of custom settings, you can see what is happening at the site in front of the door; turn on or off record, and watch video and photo files. Expensive models are connected with the computer or TV, so the image can be displayed on their screen.

An access panel is equipped with a button and a video camera recording everything happening in front of your front door. It is made of vandal-proof materials to protect it from the influence of the environment and malicious actions of visitors. Depending on functional characteristics of the device, it may additionally have a speaker, a microphone and an infrared emitter.

A ribbon cable connects the access panel to the monitor. The luxury products use wireless communication for this.

Camera for video call

When you press a call-button a signal arises and the photo or video recording of a visitor automatically begins. Seeing the man who came, you can talk to him, let him in or ignore the guest.



Functions and additional possibilities of the video call device (video interphone)

A video call device for doors (Video door phone) relates to security providing ones. It has the following standard features:

  • using a signal it lets you know about the arrival of guests or visitors;
  • pressed the button it turns on record or taking pictures;
  • on a monitor it displays an image with what is happening at the site;
  • it makes it possible to open doors remotely.

Video door phone

In addition, door video calls device (video interphone) can be equipped with additional features.

  • infrared camera lights will allow you to shoot in complete darkness;
  • given audio channel allows you to talk to a guest;
  • recording starts when the signal is sent out from the motion sensor;
  • remote surveillance with the help of internet technologies;
  • voicemail function.

Video interphone

In addition, you can connect several cameras and put another home panel. Additional monitoring devices will provide a picture of "dead zones", which are not visible from the main device. It makes sense to install another monitor in the two-storey or just big houses.


What should you look for when choosing a video call device (videophone)?

When you select a device there is a number of technical characteristics that are worth paying attention to.

  • Angle of camera view. The more it is, the more complete picture of what is happening at a front door you can get.
  • Memory capacity for recording. The call device with a camera has internal storage and a slot for a memory card.
  • Number of additional applied elements. This feature is very important to expand the capabilities of the system. Thus, in some devices there is the possibility of connecting to a receiver and up to 4 cameras.

Door entry videophone

Installation peculiarities of the video call device (videophone)

A call device, equipped with a video camera, is usually sold with a monitor. There is a detailed instruction with step by step description of the installation. Therefore, such device can be installed without any help of professionals. Purchasing additional equipment, for example, another camera, it is important to ensure it can connect to your video call device. But deciding to install the appliance with your own hands, you need to remember that time and reliability of operation depends on the installation quality.

It is not difficult to install a wireless video call device (videophone) in an apartment. It is only necessary to fix a call panel and a response device with a monitor in the right places. Their power is usually self-contained.

Modern Video door phone

With wired devices it is more complicated. A house intercom in an apartment is powered by 220V (110V) wire system. 12V voltage is supplied through a twisted-pair cable to the door panel. Thus, it is necessary to lay out the cable, which will connect both device elements, supply power and video. If you want to install additional cameras or second private plate, they are also needed to lay out the cable.

Before installation you should decide how many cameras you will set up and in what places. You should begin with laying out the wire. 220V (110V) cable should be laid out to the place of the house panel installation. It must be laid out during wiring or during repair. Then we lay out twisted-pair cable to the operating panel and additional cameras. It needs to be hidden in the special boxes to follow safety fire instructions. In the last turn video call (video interphone) panels are set up. It does not matter, which of them will be set up first.

Video door entry system

If you decide to pay for installation, companies, selling video calls devices (video door phone), offer additional services for installation of the system.

A video call (video interphone) for your apartment is not only a stylish accessory but is also a necessary and useful device.  You will worry much less about strangers. With such a device you will feel confident leaving your children alone at home. In the case of arrival of unexpected guests children will always be able to see them and get in touch with you by phone.

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