Aluminium interior and entrance doors

Various options for the production of aluminum doors with glass and without glass - Aluminium interior and entrance doorsDoors made of aluminum shapes are a good choice for any type of rooms. The main advantage of setting up of aluminum interior doors is their durability which is achieved due to the environmental resistance of aluminum. Moreover, in the manufacturing of shapes a special aluminum alloy and anodizing, that improve the qualitative characteristics of finished constructions, are used.Gray aluminum interior doors 728x546 - Aluminium interior and entrance doorsfolding interior aluminum door with glass 728x498 - Aluminium interior and entrance doorsAluminum shapes allow input constructions to be more firm and robust. Aluminum doors are resistant to corrosion, fire and they are easy to set up because the material is light. Also, it is easier to make constructions of any size and complexity of aluminum.

Modern aluminum door with black glass and elegant aluminum frame 728x666 - Aluminium interior and entrance doors

What advantages has this material? It is able to stand sudden and high temperature drops.

Aluminum doors can be relatively divided into "cold" and "warm". For “cold” aluminum doors there is no requirement of heat-insulting characteristics, they are made of a shape without special thermal bridge. They are used mainly as interior doors in houses. These constructions fit well in door apertures where aluminum is used the most and also in doors of utility rooms and various storage facilities and so on.

Cold aluminum doors 180x150 - Aluminium interior and entrance doors


Aluminum doors with "warm properties" are made of a three-chamber shape. There are requirements of heat-insulting characteristics for them unlike “cold” ones. These doors are set up in areas where heat preservation is required: stained glass, botanical gardens, etc. Warm aluminum doors are most often used as entrance doors in houses, offices and apartments.

Warm aluminum doors 180x150 - Aluminium interior and entrance doors

Leaves of such doors are made either entirely glazed or partially glazed or with decorative inserts. A type of aluminum door fittings will depend not only on the type of a shape, but also on how a door opens.

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