Elite doors, stylized antique.

Of course, the first function of interior doors is practical one (ensuring sound and heat insulation, interior zoning) but the aesthetic characteristics are also very important. Elite doors, manufactured at the present time, have not only excellent operating parameters, but also an extremely attractive appearance. However, when you choose them for your house or apartment, it often turns out that those models are available in a broad sell, often look like twins, although they are made by different manufacturers. Therefore, if you buy these products and install them in your home or apartment, when you come to visit somebody, you are more likely to see exactly or almost the same. To avoid this, there is a great way to: order the production and installation of doors of elite style of a door stylized antique.Door stylized antique - Elite doors, stylized antique.


How to give a unique charm of bygone days to your house?

Interior doors of solid oak, alder, beech, pine or larch are increasingly popular among wealthy Russians in recent years. This is not surprising, because the natural wood of these varieties has excellent texture, opening great opportunities for creativity to designers and allowing you to create such products that give a unique charm to a house. At the same time doors of wood solid are made with the use of artistic techniques, like painting, toning, body and flat carving, decorating metal cast or forged elements, etc. Even some of the natural defects of a material (eg snubs) in the capable hands are transformed from a flaw in decoration and the availability of appropriate fitment gives to interior doors look as if they were made not in our days, but a few centuries ago.

Luxury wooden door 728x485 - Elite doors, stylized antique.

It ought to be noted that modern wood processing technologies allow to produce doors which are absolutely indistinguishable from old ones by their appearance. Their presence in a apartment, cottage or country house testifies of the high social status of an owner and that he has a good taste and a great aesthetic sense. Interior designers recommend to use them in conjunction with other "ancient" items, such as vintage wallpapers that are at the stage of production of artificially "aging". If you skillfully combine doors and other elements of interior decoration, made "antique", it is possible to achieve a stunning effect and decorate not only premises, but also a café, restaurant, bar in this style. Wooden doors are especially appropriate if you want to create an interior in style "retro" or "country".

The vintage doors of elite varieties of wood 728x494 - Elite doors, stylized antique.


Modern technologies and materials to make the kind of antique interior doors

Elite doors, stylized "antique" and having an antique look, are especially interesting for customers not only with their design but also the high quality as the materials used in their manufacture and setting up carried out by the masters. As for the wood, most of all solid of interior doors contains such species, such as oak, larch, beech, pine, mahogany, more rarely - alder or cherry. These tree species are capable not only to decorate the interior of any house, but also significantly "improve" the situation there. In addition, modern technologies used in the manufacture of doors, often involve the use of only environmentally friendly materials, which not only do not cause any harm to human health, but also bring substantial benefits. It goes without saying that specialists of firms producing elite doors, use only high-quality wood, carefully selected, and therefore the service life of such products amounts to several tens of years.

Elite interior doors - Elite doors, stylized antique.

With the help of special methods of processing wood, which is used in the production of elite interior doors "antique", takes on a look that it seems as if it were for a long time exposed to sunlight, severe temperature changes and other negative effects of this material. Furthermore, on the surface of solid texture is formed, which sometimes even includes items such as chips, cracks and various irregularities which do not actually have any impact on the quality and durability of a finished product.

Elite doors stylized antique 728x455 - Elite doors, stylized antique.

If it is necessary all elite doors stylized "antique" are equipped with modern devices that provide remote management, as well as improved security (for example, alarm systems). However, they are the same stylish and beautiful, and at the same time become more convenient and functional.

10 Photos of the Elite doors, stylized antique.

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