Ornamental Stone Finishing of Arches and Doorways: Design Ideas and peculiar features of Decorative Finishing.

Ornamental stone finishing - is one of the most popular ways to decorate door jambs. This method is widely used for doorways decoration (especially of front doors).This type of lining allows to create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, while a masonry can be made both in classical and modern style. Let us consider what the ways of doing this work with your own hands exist.

Stone finishing

Ornamental stone finishing is very popular nowadays. Stone Veneer.


Benefits of Doorways Stone Finishing

The main feature of such a material as ornamental stone is that it allows you to imitate the rough masonry, but it looks very naturally and neatly indeed. It is used in private houses as well as in apartments. If you decide to build an arch instead of a traditional doorway, this option will be the most advantageous.

Benefits of stone arches:

  • attractive appearance;
  • a feeling of comfort;
  • a relative simplicity of the process of assembly;
  • a variety of available options;
  • durability;
  • load decrease, in comparison with natural stone;
  • environmentally-friendly material.
Stone arch design

An arch decorated with ornamental stone is durable and very attractive


Materials and Tools

If you decided to finish the door jambs with ornamental stone, you need to choose an appropriate number of specific materials, for the reason that the glue must be selected depending on the density and weight of the product. Ornamental stone finishing of the front door can be done by using such mounting materials as:

  • gypsum;
  • clinker;
  • sandstone;
  • concrete;
  • polymer blends.

The most lightweight material is a gypsum tile, but you should take into account that it is less robust and more susceptible to climate changes, particularly to humidity. It requires a surface treatment.

Types of materials for arches finishing

Types of materials for arches finishing

To frame the front door and to decorate interior arches you need the same set of materials and tools. In addition to the tile and glue, you will also need:

  • primer;
  • putty;
  • water repellent;
  • spatula;
  • filling paste;
  • airbrush;
  • spirit level;
  • nippers.


Surface Preparation

Before you start to decorate an arch with ornamental stone, firstly, it is necessary to prepare the surface of a doorway. The quality of most of the doorjambs is quite acceptable for further lining. If the shape of the door aperture is not yet completely formed or there are serious irregularities of the surface, it is necessary to fix all the flaws.

The first step is to make a precise contour of an arch. There are some simple classical options for a front door, but you can experiment with inside doors instead. You can make any type of arch using the plasterboard. All joints and corners should be packed with calico strip and angle bars.

The first step is to make a precise contour of an arch

The first step is to make a precise contour of an arch

In order to fix a lining on the surface, it should be properly primed. For this purpose, you need to use deeply penetrating mixtures and a roller. If the air of a room is too moist, you need to smear a wall with antiseptic to protect it against mold.

After drying, apply an approximate outline of a finishing on it. There is no need in leaving flat edges. To make an arch look stylish and natural, slightly saw the edges of tile or handle them with nippers.



Now let's consider the process of ornamental stone finishing of arches and doorways. The first thing you need is to develop an approximate laying scheme. Take a few check marks. The best way is to start working from the bottom upwards. If there are some irregularities, leave a place for them below to eliminate all defects by leaving only whole and beautiful pieces above. Decorating doorways with ornamental stone can be made by means of glue and a small spatula.

While the process of tile laying requires an application of solvent adhesive on the wall, here it is better to work just the other way around. The backside of tile is covered with a layer of glue. It is important to apply the glue evenly over the tile, making the layer of uniform thickness, without any gaps.

Select the correct position for the tile and push it to the wall. Carefully adjust its position and tap on it to remove air traps. You should be very careful in order to avoid tile moving and not to break the tile off.

The stone lining should be made from the bottom upwards

The stone lining should be made from the bottom upwards

A laying scheme should be arbitrarily chosen to imitate natural stonework. In most cases masonry joints remain inconspicuous, but nonetheless require additional treatment.


Final Processing

A doorway finishing with decorative stone does not end on this stage. In order to give it a complete form and to protect against wear conditions, there should be some additional manipulations:

  • Filling paste. It is an obligatory step for any tiling work. In order to fill the joints with mastic properly, you should use a fillet gun. The mixture is not fully injected into the joint: the joints are concealed, the masonry surface is retained.
  • Water-repellent. This stage is required in the process of a front door finishing in areas with unstable humidity level. To protect it from humidity, you can spray a special substance on top of the stone. After drying, it protects the covering against penetration of moisture in its structure, but allows the wall to "breathe".
  • Decorative spraying. It is especially significant in case when you use white gypsum tile. You can change the color shade of the coating, using an airbrush. It is better to use a diluted mixture of color paste. To protect the paint layer- apply an acrylic water-based lacquer. Additionally, you can decorate the door aperture with decorative sparkles applying them locally from the frontal part of the wall.
The final stage of finishing is a joints floating

The final stage of finishing is a joints floating

Ornamental stone finishing of a doorway - is a great way to give it a complete form and to fill the interior with an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

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