Wooden Interior Doors

Wood is a material which admirers of natural beauty and perfect quality choose. Wooden interior doors are often constructed both of valuable wood species, and of cheaper wood - conifers. Coloring with varnish, tinted wood preservative and stain emphasizes a natural wood pattern and protects against all kinds of influences.

Doors of solid wood are the most rarely seen in retail sales. These doors are often constructed by reference to a customer order in specialized enterprises. If such interior doors are available in stores, it is an exclusive product of the European producers and it is distinguished by high technology, quality of fittings and constituent parts. The high cost of these products is related to complexity of woodworking and stabilization of solid wood and it ensures durability.beautiful wooden interior doors in modern style 728x627 - Wooden Interior Doors

Modern samples of doors are often made of laminated solid (bars, glued at high pressure). It is remarkable that bars are chosen so that fiber direction was different. This greatly increases the stability of the material to change temperature and humidity conditions.

The main advantages of wooden doors are environmental compatibility, durability, longevity. A disadvantage is high humidity intolerance. When choosing, you should consider the following:

  • panel framed doors of reglued solid are more resistant to moisture;
  • before installing a door must stand in a room at least 7 days;
  • purchase well dried samples from the major manufacturers.various styles of wooden doors pictures 728x947 - Wooden Interior Doors

Natural materials have always been popular and widely used in everyday life. Wood has always been attached particular importance, wood has curative properties and wood products fill a house with lovely atmosphere of warmth and coziness. A variety of materials are used for door construction today but doors of natural wood are the most popular.

Wood doors are classical for all times, which will bring into a house a feeling of warmth, comfort and stability.

54 Photos of the Wooden Interior Doors

Stable wooden interior doorSolid wood pocket interior doorSolid wood door with glassSliding door with wooden leafRolling interior wooden doorModern wooden sliding interior doorModern wooden interior doors with stained glassModern wooden door with glassModern wooden door with glass for kitchenModern brown wooden door with glass in bright roomMDF wooden interior doorMDF wooden interior door modern style with glassMDF wooden door for bathroomLuxury interior doors in classic antique Baroque styleLight swing door made of woodLarge wooden pocket interior doors and blue walls in the roomInstallation of wooden doors photoHinged wooden interior doorHinged wooden door in the apartmentHinged door made ​​of wood covered with dark stain
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