Gap under door

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Gap under door
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What gap is needed between door, floor and frame : Gap Under Door

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During installation of a frame and during the initial formation 1-2 cm gaps should be left "for foaming". This is extremely important because in the process of setting foam considerably increases in volume and creates pressure on the box. When this happens, there is no right gaps between a frame and a leaf – a frame flex arch-wise and a door loses the ability to close.A strip of any material by thickness of 3 to 3.5 mm should be set between surfaces of a frame and a leaf with the closed door. Typically, cardboard of door packaging serves well as such a material.Not to displace a frame with a door in a doorway, it is fastened with door wedges.After it is necessary to make adjustment of the building level once again. A well-balanced door should be on wedges in spite of its weight. In the open position, the supporting structure must remain motionless.After checking a frame, you can foam carefully and the foam expands.If after foam setting and removing the brace the construction is not subjected to distortion, has a flat structure and gaps by planned width from the all sides (except the bottom), so, the installation was done properly.

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