Italian Kitchen Decor – the charm of tradition

Italian style performs peace and tranquility, always associates with family ties and stable traditions. It gives a wonderful feeling of fireside comfort making the interior of your kitchenlook very organic. Today we will show you what techniques decorators use to bring some Italian notes to modern kitchen design.

Italian Kitchen Decor

Italian style – finishing

Traditional Italian style, which can be easily found on the premises of Tuscany countryside, is expected to contain only natural and environmentally friendly materials. A kitchen decorated in Italian style must have natural wood- and stone-based materials in its interior, or their high-quality substitute – dark metal.


Cabinets made of natural wood in the kitchen in the Italian style

The floor should be covered with wooden floorboards, decorative stone or floor tile. Decorative plaster in combination with stone or brick masonry is the best decision for walls decoration.

If the room height is quite enough, the ceiling can be decorated with wooden panels or jesting beams. All the above-mentioned methods will bring to your kitchen design that special charm that is strongly associated with Italian style. Italian style is a game of colors and textures. Rough plaster walls underlines the elegance of beautiful patterns on tiles and the smoothness of tabletop made ofnatural stone.

Italian style in the kitchen interior

Choosing a color for kitchen design, give your preference to rich, natural colors. Deep blue color of Italian sky and sea and different tinges of green, which the Tuscan hills can boastof. Lavender shade of blooming meadows and bright splashes of wildflowers. An elegant feeling and sense of warmth can be achieved by using saturated red, orange and yellow colors in the interior. Dark wood color is a color of old olive trees, oak trees and grapevines, whileblood red and burgundy colors will inevitably remindyou famous Italian wines.

Italian kitchen - orange and yellow colors in the interior decoration

Italian style – furniture for kitchen

Italian kitchenimplies massive wooden furniture, astonishing by its thoroughness, marble tabletops and daedal metal fitments. The feeling that your kitchen furniture has been passing down from generation to generationis the most important here. Massive dining table is the heart of Italian kitchen.Wooden chairs and long benches is the best option for family gatherings in Italian style.

Ceiling lamps in vintage style and wooden furniture - Italian kitchen interior

The real Italian furniture for kitchen is often decorated with carvings depicting olive trees, wheat or animals. A roomy cupboard is great for storage of all your household stuff. The “metallic” color is a perfect complement to all Italian furniture. A real kitchen made in Italian style is hard to imagine without a fireplace. Even if it’selectric, it should be decorated with natural stone finish.

Italian kitchen furniture made of natural wood

Italian style – the decor

An “artistic mess”is exactly that thing which gives the special charm to your kitchen. Thanks to ityour kitchen willbe very comfortable and cozy. All kitchen utensils will play a full role in the décor, there’s no need to hide it in cupboards anymore. It’s high time to put it in the window by placing on specially adapted hangers for pots and pans.

Small cozy kitchen in the Italian style

The Italian decormay include copper and brass, clay and terracotta. Italian style will be perfect in combination withmetal ornaments in the antique style, and pottery. Kitchen walls and even a floor can be decorated with brightly painted ceramic tile. The most common motive in this case is traditional Italian food, andeverything which is somehow connected with it: olives, pot-bellied bottles with olive oil, jars of wine, fruit, garlic and traditional peasant dishes. In addition to all mentioned, wicker baskets, where you can hold some necessary things,are great. This kitchen should be decorated with handmade products – embroidered towels and napkins, patchwork rugs and throw pillows, chair covers and tablecloths.

Modern kitchen Italian style

Italian Kitchen Lighting

Soft lateral illumination is exactly what you need to give extra flavor to your kitchen design.

Soft lateral illumination in the kitchen Italian style, kitchen utensils

The ideal lighting in Italian style can be made by lamps imitating candles and vintage lanterns.

Antique ceiling lamps, wooden table and wicker chairs in the kitchen of an Italian style

It is better to use many of them scattered across different functional areas.

Lights in the retro style, and a marble tabletops in the kitchen in the Italian style

Stylized antique chandeliers and candelabra above the dining table, wall lights, and even a small table lamp on a shelf are the best options.

Lighting in the kitchen in the Italian style - Stylized antique chandeliers

The main rule of Italian kitchen decor – is comfort and attractiveness. So do not be afraid of experiments. It is appropriate to use everything that makes the interior cozy for you and your family and gives that wonderful feeling of happiness.

12 Photos of the Italian Kitchen Decor – the charm of tradition

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