Color of Interior Doors: basic rules of color combinations of a door leaf with interior decoration elements

Interior doors are one of the most important elements of an interior environment, which should be suitable to colors of furniture, decoration materials. The time, when design of a doorway should be chosen to match flooring or a suite of furniture, is over. Compound contrasting colors, usage of neutral colors, maintenance of a tone using casings, baseboards, window frames and other decorative elements gain popularity.

How to combine the color of the door leaf with the elements of interior design

There are some general rules that should be followed when you choose an interior environment and color combinations of doors.

  1. It is recommended to set up identical doors throughout the apartment for formation of integrity of space.
  2. If the rooms are in a completely different style, you should pay attention to the bright shades of door leaves, which are universal, do not emphasize a lot of attention. Such shades are the warm colors of wood with a red tinge, neutral gray, and beige.
  3. White and cream interior doors visually enlarge even the smallest room in terms of area, create a feeling of spaciousness. They can be easily combined with different textures, surfaces, colors of wallpaper and floors.
  4. Dark doors in an interior environment are more capricious, they need to be supplemented by additional elements: window frames, stair railings, carpet and furniture. In small and unusually shaped rooms it is better to refrain from setting up doors of dark, light-absorbing colors that will cause oppressive feeling.
  5. For a good combination of flooring it is necessary to choose a door few shades lighter than floor. If a floor color is different in an apartment in separate rooms, it is needed to focus on furniture, wall decoration when choosing a shade of interior doors.
    Color match interior doors to match the furniture
  6. If you have light furniture you should choose color close to it, but for dark furniture it is better to choose color 5 shades lighter in order to avoid excessive gloominess.
    How to choose the color of interior doors

50 Photos of the Color of Interior Doors: basic rules of color combinations of a door leaf with interior decoration elements

Blue interior doorBeautiful white interior doors in a room with gray walls and a light floorWooden interior doors painted with black paintWhite interior doors in the hallwayWhite interior doors in a bright room during the renovationWhite interior door with glassWhite black and brown interior doorsThe door in light colors with dark glassRed lacquered interior doorsRed interior doorOrange interior doorOrange door in the officeModern white interior doorModern interior door red colorlight blue interior doorsInterior doors in different colors in storeInterior design small rooms with white doorGrey sliding doorGreen interior doorGreen interior door made of solid wood
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