Interior doors styles: matching of dominant designing style of a door leaf through examples

The functional characteristics of interior doors are not only to delimit rooms and to allow you to retire, but also they are finishing touch of interior design. It is important that a door leaf is appropriate with a style of a room, is in harmony with a design of a floor, walls, furniture, decorative elements.

  1. Classics

Fans of harmonious beauty and utility connections in an interior environment will certainly chose interior doors in a classic style. The key characteristics of such door leaf are simple shapes, clean lines, proportionality and universality. For construction high-class wood is used. Natural shades of wood can be easily combined with a general interior composition.

Сlassic door

  1. Baroque

The Baroque style has luxury, wealth, is most often used to create the interior of a palace. Interior doors in the Baroque style are of large dimension, can be double leaf or made in the form of an arch. Luxuriant carving and stained-glass window decoration has a solemn tone and mood of royalty, it is no less popular for floral ornaments. There are several possible variants when you choose colors. The basic tone is light-dark or very dark. An ornament of a door leaf in the form of gold pattern looks especially exquisite.

Doors baroque art style

  1. Modern

Modern interior doors look very fashionable and unusual. The main distinguishing features are the use of smooth lines, forming a floral drawing, sea patterns, absolutely smooth surface of a construction, unusual shaped casings. As part of the Modern style several trends are combined, for modern decoration it is acceptable to use glass, stained-glass windows, wooden covering and hammer-work elements.

modern glass interior door

  1. Hi-tech

Hi-tech, which is opposed to the classical style, is an order of the day.  Ultra-modern interior door leaves demonstrate unique usability and simple clean design, minimalistic decoration, an unusual approach to appearance in general. Simple geometric forms look easy and fresh thanks to brilliant, reflective materials, inserts of plastic and metal. It is acceptable to use both glossy and frosted glass. There is no color restriction, in door in the high-tech style can be a bright accent in an interior environment or in harmony with the basic shades of a room.

modern high-tech mirror doors

  1. Techno

For construction of doorways the techno style, which is distinguished by simple straight lines, the lack of any decoration (panels, fusing, facet), is actively used. Blank doors without any decoration adorn the interior openings in minimalistic interior environments and perfectly combine with self-colored floors and light stretch ceilings.
Ultramodern door style techno is distinguished by simple straight lines, and it is a blank or glazing door leaf. Moreover, glass doors in the style of techno do not decorate with facet or fusing.

techno door designs

54 Photos of the Interior doors styles: matching of dominant designing style of a door leaf through examples

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