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Saunas and bathhouses have a very rich history of development; and as a result of it, they kept many ancient traditions in the modern epoch. For example, in tsarist Russia before washing in the Russian bath it was necessary to bow at the door, to expel the evil spirit. It was explained by the fact that the hot steam expelled the evil spirit, and with the cooling of the steam, the spirit was back there again. The expulsion of the spirit was accompanied by the purification of the soul of the person, receiving treatments, and the bow symbolized respect for the steam healing.
Designers and builders report, that this bow was made due to the fact that the sizes of the doors were very small, and people bending down, passed through the doorway. The doors’ small size is explained by prevention from heat’s and steam’s loss.Sauna glass door 728x546 - Choice of glass doors for sauna

The new technology has allowed making doors, whose size matches the height of the owner, and airtight installation eliminates the loss of heat otherwise it’s compensated by increased capacity of the furnace. Basically, the method of protection from drop of temperature depends of the material of saunas doors and its quality.


Glass doors for bath and their advantages

Glass doors for bath look respectable, because they are made of thick and reliable glass, processed qualitatively, and it has always been considered a symbol of luxury. Thanks to the glass doors for saunas, you can stay in the steam room and observe what is happening outside. This extravagant view allows you to highlight individual style of the interior. There is a great range of sauna doors; there are standard and non-standard sizes, so the choice depends on personal preference and budget. It is not necessary to pay much attention to the beauty and attractiveness, as the doors for the bath must have certain characteristics. So, the basic requirement for a door for the sauna or bath is the ability to resist to high temperature and humidity, creating so ideal conditions in a steam bath.

Glass door for sauna room 728x441 - Choice of glass doors for sauna

The most serious enemies of glass doors for saunas are high humidity and temperature. Even if the doors are of good quality they don’t always stand it. But glass doors are resistant to these conditions. Caring for glass doors is quite simple: it is enough to carry out wet cleaning a glass cleaner, because the material doesn’t let mould or fungi to form. Above it, these doors for the bath do not change over time; they are not scratched and please the eye with its lovely appearance. Undoubted advantage of these doors is good soundproofing.

Glass doors for sauna 728x463 - Choice of glass doors for sauna

Despite its light and airiness, modern glass doors for saunas consist of sufficiently strong, tempered glass. So it is very difficult to break, no matter what his size is. But even it that happens, and you will be able to break it, the shards of glass will have rounded in form.


Diversity of glass doors

Selection of the door is a responsible action. When choosing a door, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall design of the sauna. A classic is a solid wooden door, she gives comfort. And glass doors with its weightless look visually increase a room, giving a stylish and modern look. The production of such doors is executed of the tempered impact-resistant glass, which is made with new technologies of tempering.

Styles glass door for saunas 728x344 - Choice of glass doors for sauna

Glass doors have various colors – bronze, grey, green, with designs and patterns, so you can find an option that would be best combined with the design of the room. Except it, the doors have the different degree of quench. They can be totally transparent and matte. The glass door is the epitome of design excellence. Glass can be engraved, or tinted with extraordinary pictures, which makes any model a truly exclusive. A correct installation will allow a long and safe service.

Glass sauna photo 728x448 - Choice of glass doors for sauna


The installation of swing glass doors

Glass door installation involves careful handling of the door leaf. It cannot be put on a tile or concrete. It is also important not to overdo it with the stretching of the clamping elements. So, swing glass doors have a similar in type mounting design and opening scheme with wooden doors. The installation of the glass sheet is performed in a standard aperture of the wall without significant intervention in the construction of walls (it is important when performing cosmetic repairs, excluding redevelopment and changes of the size of doorways).

Hinged glass door for saunas - Choice of glass doors for sauna

The installation occurs with using of 2 special hinges. The hinges are fixed to the box of the door or to the face of the doorway in the case, when the box is not provided. Proper installation of the hinges fixes the glass leaf securely, providing convenient door opening. Remember that installation of doors with or without box involves application of different hinges. The hinges of the doors can be divided into those with door closer and without it. The hinge with door closer promotes self-pulling of the door to close or open position. And the final stage is the installation of the fittings (it handles and stops).

Wooden Handle for glass doors in a sauna 728x486 - Choice of glass doors for sauna

Installation of glass swing doors includes some features:

  1. Installation of the glass door is applied on fine finishing.
  2. If the glass is made incorrectly, it is disposed, as it cannot be modified.
  3. Glass door without frame or boxes requires an attachment device for the framework.


What points it is necessary to pay attention on during the purchase

Buying glass doors, you need to know that they are made of tempered glass, which is resistant to deformation, and thickness should not be less than 7 mm. Due to this the door keeps the density closing for a long time.

Sauna doors - Choice of glass doors for sauna

  • Metal sheds are resistant to corrosive processes, and hold the door well.
  • The gasket will provide a smooth closure and protection from heat loss and moisture.
  • The box should be hardwood, because when heated, for example, pine, the material gums, and if you touch it your skin can be hurt.
  • Sauna glass doors fittings should not heated up.

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