Folding interior aluminum door with glass

Aluminium interior and entrance doors

Doors made of aluminum shapes are a good choice for any type of rooms. The main advantage of setting up of aluminum interior doors is their durability which is achieved due to the environmental resistance of aluminum. Moreover, in the manufacturing of shapes a special aluminum alloy and anodizing, that improve the qualitative characteristics of finished constructions, are used.Aluminum shapes allow input constructions to be more firm and robust. Aluminum […]

Glass entry doors

Glass interior doors

Glass is a material which is currently used for door construction more and more often. This is not only because of the original appearance, but also strength. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Doors, made of glass, are virtually impossible to break. The glass can be of three types: triplex. It consists of a double leaf of glass and plastic. This construction provides the ideal surface smoothness, which facilitates door […]

Masonite solid core interior doors

Masonite interior doors

Firstly, we should find out what are masonite interior doors. They got their name from the American company Masonite, which came up with and use new constructing technology. In fact it is the most common models of door leaves. They consist of a wooden frame, internal semi-voided filling and an outer skin. Masonite door is a frame covered by MDF with decorative trim. A frame is most often made of […]

Plastic folding door mechanism

Plastic interior doors

Plastic interior doors are used in private and commercial construction. They are widely used in shopping malls where they are part of cubicle systems in office buildings. Practicality of plastic doors and appearance of a wide range of laminated leaf  have expanded the field of usage of this product. It is used in rooms with high humidity: bathrooms, sanitary conveniences, swimming pools. Elegant glazed PVC interior doors harmonize perfectly with […]

Dark wooden interior door and white brick wall

Wooden Interior Doors

Wood is a material which admirers of natural beauty and perfect quality choose. Wooden interior doors are often constructed both of valuable wood species, and of cheaper wood - conifers. Coloring with varnish, tinted wood preservative and stain emphasizes a natural wood pattern and protects against all kinds of influences. Doors of solid wood are the most rarely seen in retail sales. These doors are often constructed by reference to […]

Swing doors

Interior Doors and their classification of way of opening

You should choose interior doors properly because only a door of a high quality can become both a reliable insulator from unusual sounds and eye-catching piece of decoration. You can spend hours leafing through glossy magazines or browse the web looking for "how to choose interior doors", view photos of interior doors, but do not find the right answer. And it is all because a positive solution to the problem […]

White plastic interior doors for home

How to choose Interior Doors

Interior doors are an important component of any interior environment that can transform a room. Making repairs in an apartment, many people think of a design of this component lastly, that is not quite right. You should have an idea of what kind of a door you need before the end of finishing works. A choice of an appropriate variant is an important task which requires taking into account a […]

Techno wood door

Interior doors styles: matching of dominant designing style of a door leaf through examples

The functional characteristics of interior doors are not only to delimit rooms and to allow you to retire, but also they are finishing touch of interior design. It is important that a door leaf is appropriate with a style of a room, is in harmony with a design of a floor, walls, furniture, decorative elements. Classics Fans of harmonious beauty and utility connections in an interior environment will certainly chose […]

Black door in a bright room

Color of Interior Doors: basic rules of color combinations of a door leaf with interior decoration elements

Interior doors are one of the most important elements of an interior environment, which should be suitable to colors of furniture, decoration materials. The time, when design of a doorway should be chosen to match flooring or a suite of furniture, is over. Compound contrasting colors, usage of neutral colors, maintenance of a tone using casings, baseboards, window frames and other decorative elements gain popularity. There are some general rules […]

Modern MDF door skin

Materials of interior doors construction

Modern interior doors are made from different materials. Fiber building board Doors Doors of fiber building board became popular because of an affordable price. A frame made of wood, covered with sheets of fiber building board, is lightweight; it is easy to transport and to set up. The quality of a door leaf corresponds to the price. Unfortunately, doors of fiber building board have low durability and poor sound insulation. […]

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