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Make the piece of furniture a few decades older than it is in just a few minutes by using a metal brush. The point of this method is that this tool allows you to remove the soft fibers, which obscure the rings growth. These rings are precisely to create a perception that the material is old, but before attempting to remodel the interior doors, you should understand the removal technique. It will be even better if there remained the same material – you can use it for practice to make a relief.

Wood products can be processed at home with the help of a wire brush, which is inserted in the drill. You have to understand that not all the tree species can be modified in this way. Beeches, pears, cherries are prohibited. After removal of fibers, you should go to patina to improve the effect. Take the dark paint.
Paint is brushed on the door, then you should dry it very quickly. Only the pores will be painted during this time. If everything is done correctly, the rings will become pronounced. Varnishing the surface is the final step of aging.

How to age wood for interior and exterior doors - How to age wood at home

Chemicals for aging wood

If the last method combined mechanical and chemical effect, then chemistry will be applied largely. If the door or other piece of furniture made of hardwoods, then you should know that it contains tannin, which has an ammonia impact. In such a case, the surface treated with ammonia, which will cause a noticeable wood darkening. It is quite simple to accomplish it at home, but previously you must process the surface with sandpaper, otherwise any remaining dirt will not get the desired look. This effect is similar to the previous method, since both the structure and the color will be the same as if the tree is very old. The hue will turn into grey. You can also use paint to give the wood an old look. The point is to make the imitation of faded paint. You need to do the following:

  1. Pick up the tone of the main layer. It can be any way you like, but you should focus on what shade wooden doors were originally.
  2. Only after the base layer are dry you can move to white paint. When it’s partially dry up than you will need to carry out the grout surface. The main cover must be clearly viewed through the white layer. Interior doors made from wood also can be artificially aged by using cracking varnish, which helps to create the effect of cracks. A varnish applied firstly, then - paint. It will seem that the door was painted a long time, although it was a few days ago. The stain will be also a good material to age the wood. In some areas it remains, in some washed off. So, in the end the certain areas will be darker. After applying the stain, you should apply a layer of gasoline. Shellac put in the pores of the wooden material helps you finish the job, which is putting in the pores of the wood material.

Chemicals for aging wood at home - How to age wood at home

Thermal impact for wood aging

Wooden materials can be aged also – by firing method. Soldering iron or blowtorch will suite. We need to create patterns reminiscent of the swirls and texture. Artificially aged material will get a cute form only when brushed metal is removed the resulting deposits, in addition, thanks to this treatment, the overall structure will be much rougher.

Traditionally, the door will require varnished, and if the resulting structure seems clear enough, then it will help to allocate stain. Here we must remember the accuracy of action because the wooden door is not so difficult to ruin.

Thermal impact for wood aging firing method 728x480 - How to age wood at home

Alternative methods to get the aged effect

Getting at home an aged wood material you need after you have made a desire to age the internal doors in appearance and after you can't find a paint, stain or blowtorch in your home. Then you need to use a shoe polish. He rubs between fibers. The effect is manifested very quickly, although the method is more suitable for smaller items, for example - for decorative sculptures or garden statues. For doors well-suited a paraffin wax, allowing you to artificially turn a wooden door into a vintage piece of furniture. But there is one clarification - the door should be painted at home under aged style. After all you can go to the next steps:

  1. The first step you should do is to treat the surface of the paraffin - it will make the door shabby that adds it a few years.
  2. Then – applying a paint, you must notice, that the shade of paint should be significantly different from the base layer.
  3. Now you can remove the layer of wax and the next step will be polishing.
  4. The wax will be the final cover, only after the surface is tinted with wood stain.

Sanding wood interior and exterior doors 728x427 - How to age wood at home

If you want to give your wood the appearance of having been eaten by worms over many decades, you can try to give it wormholes yourself. But it can be performed before the final processing. Hammer or screw the drywall nails into the 2x4 completely so that their ends stick through the bottom of your makeshift hammer. Next, strike the piece of wood with your wormhole hammer repeatedly, creating small puncture marks. Some items, such as a ceiling beam; you can handle the axe, just making marks. The process of aging is characterized by the fact that a lot was left to the mercy of the master, enabling him to use his imagination in work.


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