Methods of decorative finishing of interior doors

The final cost depends on a way of decoration, so if you break your head over how to choose interior doors at affordable cost, take it step carefully.
According to the method of decoration doors are divided into:


Veneered doorsThe decoration doors with wood veneer

Veneer is a decorative coating which can be natural, reconstructed or of deciduous fast-growing species. Technology is as follows: thin slices of wood are attached to a door leaf by means of hot pressing and special adhesive. Then a surface is lacquered which increases environmental resistance of a finished construction.


Veneer for door

Veneered doors

Laminated doors

Laminated doors

Lamination can be wood, masonite, aluminum, plastic. As a method of lamination there are two of them: laminate paper and fiberglass (dichromatic laminate).

The first is cheaper but also quality in this case is significantly lower. Undoubtedly, the coating fades beautiful, but quickly under the influence of sunlight. The second allows getting a high-quality synthetic veneer. Polymeric film is resistant to abrasion, ultraviolet, cracks and scratches, it is easy to clean. The cost of laminate is higher.

Modern laminated doors

Luxury laminated doors in Baroque style

Painted doors

Painting doors

Interior doors are painted with tinted antiseptics that not only decorate a surface "wood grain", but also protect from direct sunlight and fungosity.
Tinted door coating is not toxic and dries quickly.

Also, stain, alkyd, oil paints, water-based dyeliquors may be used for coloring.

Various colors of paint interior doors

Red, green, purple and pink paint for interior doors

39 Photos of the Methods of decorative finishing of interior doors

Luxury laminated doors in Baroque styleModern laminated double doorsLamination – decorative finishing of interior doorsSliding laminated doors in the apartmentLaminated interior doors for saleLaminated interior door before installationLaminated doors in bathroom and in living roomLaminated door closeupInteresting style laminated interior doors with glassDouble-sliding laminated doorDifferent colors of laminated doorsDifferent color of laminated cover doorsDesign of laminated doorsDark brown, beige and white laminated interior doorsModern laminated doorsLaminated doorsPainted yellow doorWooden sliding interior door is painted in yellow colorThe door is painted in light green colorPainting the doors in white color
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