Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

Doorbell is a very useful device. All apartments and houses are equipped with it very few exceptions. Choosing this device, you need to know what connection types exist and how to connect them.


Forms and types of devices

Depending on the connection method, doorbells are divided into two types:

  • wire;Wired bell to the apartment - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment
  • wireless.Wireless doorbell to the apartment 728x728 - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

Wire doorbells operate off the electricity, and off an independent power supply. The button and the sound panel of these devices are needed to be connected to each other by wires. Wireless bells do not require a physical connection of elements.

As for the mechanism type bells are divided into:

  • hammer;
  • buzzer;
  • bell.

They differ in the internal structure and the principle of operation. But they can operate both from a network and from a battery.

Doorbell button 728x485 - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment


What you should pay attention on

Choosing a doorbell, it is better to give preference to the device in which it is possible to adjust the volume. Another useful feature is that this button will light in the dark. It operates with the help of a small LED or luminous materials. As for the appearance of the body frame and the sound there are a lot of variants. Everything will only depend on your tastes and preferences.

Doorbell button with lighting - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

Selection of the electrical device depends on whether you install in an apartment or in a house. They may have two or four wires. Voltage 110V (220V) is needed for a 2-wire button, and for a 4-wire button - 5V. Both types can be installed in an apartment. And in a house where the button and the wire are affected by the weather conditions (rain, snow, high humidity) only 4-wire devices are installed.

Portable Wireless digital Doorbell - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

An electric wire bell works from a network. This is both its advantage and disadvantage. On the one hand it is not necessary to constantly monitor the battery charge as on the wireless devices. On the other hand, it will not operate if there is no light. Another disadvantage is a dangerous current, so it is important to be extremely careful while install it.

Wired doorbell - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment


Tools for connection

It is not difficult to connect a doorbell by your own hands. It is only necessary to know how to do it and to have necessary tools.

Wall dowels - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

  • a drill, wall dowels;
  • an utility knife, adhesive tape;
  • screwdriver-indicator;
  • screws.


Wiring and circuit of connection

Electric bell operation is impossible without electricity. Therefore, to the place where a device will be fixed the must be wired. As a general rule, wire products work on AC power with the voltage of 220V. You can use a single two-wire cable or two single-wire cables. Wire section may be of 0.5 square millimeter or more. However, it is not necessary to use thicker wire because the power consumed by wired bell is little. The only thing to consider is its material. It should be the same as for wiring throughout a house or an apartment.

Wiring and circuit of connection for door bell - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

The circuit of connection for different devices is different. As a rule, wires for the standard door unit are laid out in all new buildings. If you make repair by your own hands or connecting of a wire electric bell is not provided for any reason, then you can choose a product with any possible connection circuit, laying out wiring to it.

How to connect the door bell 728x485 - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

Standard wiring circuit of a doorbell exactly copy the common switch circuit, and it is known, it is the easiest of all the existing electric circuits. The only thing is that a sound mechanism is used instead of light bulbs and a button - instead of switch. Zero connects to the sound panel and the phase - to the button. In this case both elements are also interconnected. Pressed the button, the phase closes and the bell rings.


Installation of a sound mechanism

If all wires have already been laid in an apartment, doorbell installation will not take much time. The device operates from electricity, so you need to follow safety rules when using electrical appliances. Connection of electrical products is carried out only after power has been turned off in the entire apartment.

Doorbell sound mechanism 728x385 - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

Connection of the doorbell to the current is carried out by the connection of its contacts with the wiring of an apartment. If it is too long, they need to be cut and clean with the utility knife. Electricians recommend squeezing already connected wires accurately by pliers to make connection more reliable, and the contact better. Connections are isolated and then we checked if everything is working. If four-wire mechanism is connected to the two-wire wires, then the phase and zero are determined participating in the connection. The remaining wires are interconnected and carefully isolated.

If the wire bell successfully operates, it's time to start its fastening to the wall.

LCD Color Video Intercom 728x728 - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

As a rule, the place of installation is located in the corridor or the hallway. Radiators or other heating devices should not be in the radius of one and a half meters from the device. In the place of installation a hole is made in a wall, by a drill and the panel of the sound mechanism is fastened with wall dowels and screws. All manufacturers of the devices make hidden holes for fastening. In the door frame a hole is drilled for connection of the sound panel and the button by wires.


Installation of the button

Bell button consists of two contacts, one of which is spring-loaded. When you press it the contact presses it again, the circuit is closed and the mechanism rings. When you release there is contact break.

The installation of the doorbell button 728x362 - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

To set the button two wires must be connected to be then connected to its two contacts. The connections are well wrapped by adhesive tape or securely fastened by terminals depending on how it is provided on your device. The button is fastened to the wall with wooden panels.


Wire bell with two buttons

There is often a situation when you need to connect two buttons to one bell. This is necessary, for example, when there is a common tambour for several apartments. In this case, one is put in a tambour, and another one - in front of the door. The device connection circuit will then have two parallel buttons. Pressed any of them the circuit will close and the mechanism will operate.

The installation of the doorbell button 728x540 - Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

It is possible to connect the doorbell by your own hands. The entire procedure takes less than half an hour if you have wiring.

17 Photos of the Installation of a doorbell in an apartment

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