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Making repairs in a room and changing doors, it is worth considering a lock which will be installed on them. Magnetic locks are increasingly preferred. They are installed both on front and on interior doors.


Types of magnetic locks

There are two main types of magnetic locks:

  1. passive (magnetic door catch);
  2. electromagnetic.
Magnetic door lock 728x486 - Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic door lock

Passive one has no additional electric supply (magnetic door catch), so his holding force is not great. Such locks with magnetic latch are often used on the interior folding doors as well as on the doors of furniture cabinets. For their opening a knob is pulled and magnet opens.

Electromagnetic lock 728x378 - Magnetic Door Locks

Electromagnetic lock

An electromagnetic lock requires additional connection to power network and can withstands pressure of up to 1 ton. It is usually installed on a front door. It has both mechanical and electrical components and varies depending on the method of installation. An electromagnetic lock can be:

  • rim - attached with metal parts and does not depend from a handle;


Rim magnetic lock - Magnetic Door Locks

  • mortise - fully installed into a door leaf;


Mortise magnetic lock 728x380 - Magnetic Door Locks

  • semimortise – installed into a door but has prominent parts on a leaf.


Principle of operation

A passive magnetic lock (magnetic door catch)  with a simple latch is arranged very simply. It has no mechanical parts and consists of two elements: a metal plate and a magnet. To open a door a handle is just pulled and the lock elements open.

Magnetic door latch - Magnetic Door Locks

A passive magnetic lock (magnetic door catch)  with mechanical elements and more complicated latch is arranged differently. When you turn its handle it removes the metal plate from the magnetic stripe and the interior doors are opened. Such locks are typically used in interior doors instead of usual locks.

The operating principle of an electromagnetic lock is more complicated. A door is held closed for as long as a lock has electric supply. It opens with a special magnetic key or code that is entered on a panel provided for this purpose. At the same time power supply is cut off and a magnet opens.


Advantages and disadvantages

A magnetic lock has a number of advantages:

  • quiet operation;
  • durability;
  • compatibility with a code panel, call button, intercom and other safety devices;
  • attractive appearance.

Modern maglock 728x728 - Magnetic Door Locks

It is worth noting the following disadvantages:

  • The need for uninterrupted power supply;
  • large mass and size;
  • easy re-intrusion.

Without electricity an electromagnetic lock opens and stops to fulfill its functions. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. Locking devices on the doors during a power cutoff should open according to the fire safety requirements in shopping malls, large offices and other areas with large crowds. But this leads to decrease of safety and causes penetration of intruders when installed in doors of entrances hallway and apartments. Therefore, the scheme of connection of handles often provides uninterruptible power supply.

Electromagnetic door lock - Magnetic Door Locks

If an intruder was able to open the door once with a simple electromagnetic lock, he can easily do it again. For this a lock and a strike are glued with scotch tape or adhesive that weakens the contact and a door will open when force is exerted. This problem is easy to solve in many handles. Their scheme includes elements that prevent incomplete locking using an audio signal.


Installation of a passive lock (magnetic door catch)

It is not difficult to install a passive magnetic lock (magnetic door catch) on a door by own forces. For this a magnetic plate is attached to the interior door leaf and a metal plate to the other leaf or box.

Magnetic door catch - Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic door catch

A passive lock with a handle by own forces is installed on the same principle as a usual lock. For it the deepening in a leaf is made, and a handle is installed in the hole. In a door box the deepening of the tongue is made. By turning a knob a magnet and a latch are divided, and a door open easily.

Furniture Hardware Magnetic - Magnetic Door Locks


Installation of an electromagnetic lock

It can be installed on metal, wood, plastic, reinforced-plastic and glass doors. Installation varies depending on the type of lock.

Door magnetic lock system - Magnetic Door Locks

  1. A rim magnetic lock. It is easier to install it by own hands than a mortise one. A strike is attached to a door leaf by means of special fasteners which are supplied with the lock. The setting out scheme is glued to the installation site and holes for fastening are drilled. Their size is described in the accompanying documentation to a lock. A rubber edge lies between a plate and a door. It is not necessary to fasten a strike; it should be slightly springy because of a edge which sets up correct and free magnetizing to a lock.

A lock itself is fastened by own forces with the help of corner. Depending on the material of the door and the way it opens corners of various shapes are used. After the operation, the device must be connected to power supply and checked. The connection scheme is packed.

  1. A mortise magnetic lock. It is installed in specially made for him deepening. On the wooden doors it is easy to make it by own hand using a chisel or a router. In a metal door they need to be provided at a stage of its manufacture. After installation, it must also be, as a rim lock, connected to power supply and checked for availability.


Door magnetic lock 728x485 - Magnetic Door Locks


Repair of a magnetic lock

A magnetic lock, like any other, can need repair. Damage is caused by external influences, adverse environmental conditions, or broken power supply. Repair will depend on the type of damage.

If a magnetic lock is installed on the gate, then under the influence of weather conditions a locking device can break down. Repair involve replacing of it. To prevent the problem take care to minimize the effects of rain, snow and other factors. The most reliable devices that open with a special remote control. Their mechanism is hidden inside and is well protected.


Repair of a magnetic lock 180x150 - Magnetic Door Locks

If power supply is broken you need to take care of its repair or replacement of a cable.

In any case, it is better to entrust repair to an experienced professional who is well knowledgeable in the lock device and the principle of its operation. Installing by your own forces you can completely disrupt its functioning, and then you have to change the lock on the new one.

12 Photos of the Magnetic Door Locks

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