Vinyl stickers on front and interior doors

To freshen up an interior of a room quickly is possible with the use of vinyl stickers. They have an adhesive side and are completely easy to use. Depending on the type of surface the vinyl stickers can be matte, glossy, laminated. The surface is covered with protective layers that improve the mechanical properties. An image of stickers can be made in the abstract style of painting. A new trend is the use of images from macro photography. Stickers for doors with water drops, close-up flowers, planets or water will give uniqueness for any interior of a living room or kitchen. Stickers can be used both on the outside door and inside. Vinyl stickers for doors are suitable for all surfaces: glass, wood, plasterboard, metal. An interesting design decision will be glued together interior doors in combination with cabinet doors and certain sections of walls.

Decorating of a pocket door by stickers

Decorating of a door by stickers - Vinyl stickers on front and interior doors

Interior pocket doors are used to separate spaces or rooms zoning. Pocket doors are made of different materials. They may have a ready design decisions or be prepared for self-decoration. There is a wide variety of stickers, presented in the photo of special catalogs of manufacturing plants. If in a provided range you do not find your desired pattern, it is possible to manufacture stickers for doors by individual projects. Stickers with 3D pattern look effectively. Selecting a suitable design you should consider how you want to decorate a leaf of rolling doors. You can paste rolling doors entirely or partially, it is so-called getting priorities straight. Before pasting a sticker a door leaf is willowed, paint residues and moisture is removed, if a pocket door has been painted. If you use a spot-on stickers on a pocket door is necessary to put the markup of pasting places. A sticker is applied at a time, holding tightly to the surface of a door leaf. Remains of air are removed with a clean dry cloth.


Stickers for doors have a number of advantages:

  • easy installation and cost-effectiveness. Stickers for doors are easy and fast to install. Decorating door stickers do not require specific skills or specialized experts.
  • huge selection of patterns, textures of stickers. Manufacturers offer a wide range of trading stickers for doors, cabinets, walls. Various colors and styles are represented in large numbers in the photos of special catalogs that are in the public access.Interior door sticker decals - Vinyl stickers on front and interior doors
  • multipurpose usefulness. Stickers on a door are easily applied on totally smooth openings or mirrored surfaces. No other finishing material has such adhesion properties with all kinds of door bases.
  • The first aid in difficult situations. In cases where a door was scratched, stickers are simply irreplaceable. They not only hide minor defects, but will freshen up even the cheapest door.Vinyl door stickers - Vinyl stickers on front and interior doors
  • excellent operation properties. Stickers are moisture resistant, so they can be washed. If you wish stickers can be removed from a surface.

How to choose stickers for doors

Make sure that stickers are on the basis of vinyl. They are cheap substitutes for paper-based stickers. These stickers have low operation characteristics and are more suitable for a single design of the room. Paper stickers have thicker layer, which leads to poor adhesion to the surface, in consequence of that they slide. Furthermore, paper stickers are not resistant to moisture, they can not be applied to interior doors of bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl door decals 728x711 - Vinyl stickers on front and interior doors

The range of stickers includes options that are applied specifically to translucent doors. Glass doors are decorated on both sides by fully pasting. A theme of stickers on each side should be identical to or related in meaning.

Glass door stickers 728x984 - Vinyl stickers on front and interior doors

Glass door stickers


Stickers with volume images are ideal for narrow door leaves or interior doors for small rooms. They visually enlarge a space of a room.

There are standard sizes of stickers on a door. The following linear parameters are the most common: 73х202, 86х202, 97х202, 73х220, 86х220, 97х220. It is also possible to produce stickers of all sizes for a specific order.

5 Photos of the Vinyl stickers on front and interior doors

Glass door stickersVinyl door decalsVinyl door stickersInterior door sticker decalsDecorating of a door by stickers
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