Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet



Bathroom and toilet are quite specific rooms, Requirements for the doors in these rooms are also special:

  •  Presence of moisture and steam requires the installation of the moisture resistant door designs;
  • Doors should be tight, avoid leaking out smells and sounds;
  • An important requirement for the doors in the bathroom and toilet is good thermal insulation;
  • Doors should fit other doors in the house.


What material is better for the door in the bathroom?

  • Glass is absolutely resistant to the action of aggressive environment, whether steam or high temperature, nothing will happen to a door in wet bathroom. Glass is better than many other materials on a variety of characteristics: it is durable, hygienic, soundproof and maintains well the desired temperature. Glass doors in the bathroom look very light and thin, but no one should be afraid of excessive fragility of the structure, it's just a surface impression. These doors are made of robust, thick glass, which is not so easy to break. But visually glass doors make the room very light and elegant. In addition, manufacturers offer the most modern design and original features: stylish sliding doors, frosted glass, all kinds of relief, mosaic, mirror and metal inserts, beautiful items made of wood, plastic, metal, etc.

The glass door to the bathroom 728x571 - Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet


  • Metal-plastic doors ideally suits for bathroom in terms of performance characteristics. These doors are light, hygienic, do not require any particular care and are not affected by humidity and temperature extremes. Plastic and aluminum, which are part of such products so as to maintain the stability of the geometry, durability of operation. If you decide to put these doors, it will be warm and quiet in the bathroom. Maybe variations of plastic are not particularly look presentable, but this problem is solved: there are many variations of shapes and shades of the material. In addition, the metal-plastic doors are affordable.


The metalplastic door to the bathroom and toilet 728x483 - Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet

  • Wooden doors are better than others in terms of environmental friendliness, they are rightfully cosidered classics, but they hardly withstand the constant exposure of high humidity. It doesn’t mean that the wooden doors are strictly not suitable for such rooms as bathroom and toilet, but it says that the choice of material must be particularly accurate. Raw materials should be only of the highest quality (for example, oak or beech), it should be prepared and dried using a special technology and it should be impregnated with a special solution. It is desirable to paint and varnish the finished door with special wood paint to protect the door leaf from high humidity of the bathroom. In the case of non-compliance with any technology, the door may eventually take an excessive amount of moisture and lose shape.


A wooden door in the bathroom 728x485 - Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet

  • Laminated doors of chipboard and MDF are not put in the rooms with high humidity: a short time later the door leaf and the door-frame can swell, loose shape and stop closing, and you will have to replace the door very soon. Veneer doors are also better not to install in such rooms, because the material cannot withstand the impact of hot steam.


Laminated door in the bathroom - Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet


Possible constructions of the doors in bathroom and toilet

  • hinged doors
  • sliding doors
  • folding doors

Hinged doors are the most popular. They do not have gaps, and it is very important for such intimate places like bathroom and toilet. The cons include irrational use of usable space, it needs extra space for the door opening.

Dark hinged door in the bathroom 728x494 - Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet

The benefit of sliding doors is true space saving. But it is the only advantage of this type of doors for the bathroom and toilet. Sliding doors, unfortunately, don’t  retain heat, cannot provide a tight closure and do not guarantee good sound insulation. There is no choice for small bathrooms except sliding door sometimes. If sliding design is the only one suitable for the room, you should choose the model where the door leaf goes into the wall highly tight.

Sliding white door to the bathroom - Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet



If the problem "how to choose the door for the bathroom" is solved, it's time to think about the accessories. Naturally, the toilet and the bathroom should be closed, so the fittings include a handle and a  fixing device. Qualitative door handles must have an iron core inside them. It is determined by the weight of the handle: iron is much heavier than, let’s say, a fragile silumin, used to make cores of cheap Chinese handles. The tight and stiff spring says about the good quality of the handle too, when you turn the knob, it operates elastically and free from backlash. There are handles with lock. It is the most economical choice, but such handles are not always reliable. It is much better when the handle and the lock are set separately, but sold as a set.

Choosing the door lock for the bathroom, you should carefully examine the latch bolt. If the latch bolt is too tough, it may scratch the surface of contact. The latch bolt of plastic makes door close much quieter, while the metal one makes more noise. The magnetic latch is inexpensive, but it has twice less working lifespan than a mechanical lock.

Door hinges should work without backlash, open with some effort, but smoothly, without a squeak. Accessories, as well as the doors themselves, need to be under warranty. A good manufacturer usually gives for their products 1-year warranty. If the seller rejects your rights, then give up buying.


Color and decor

Very often the purchase of doors is complicated by issue: whether the door leaf matches the style of decoration of the bathroom, or should it be in harmony with the rest of the doors? There is an undoubted design rule on this matter: if the doors are located in the same space, they should be the same in color and overall style, have the same accessories. At the same time some differences are allowed in finishing, for example, more or fewer glass, the presence or absence of inserts. It is allowed that the doors have the same leafs but different design, for example, one door is hinged, the other is issliding.

The color and decoration of doors in bathroom and toilet - Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet

Thus, the doors will not only help to create an interesting interior of the bathrooms and toilets, but are also responsible for a comfortable stay in these rooms. With proper attention to details such as doors, even the smallest room in your house becomes cozy and elegant.

7 Photos of the Choosing doors for the bathroom and toilet

The color and decoration of doors in bathroom and toiletSliding white door to the bathroomDark hinged door in the bathroomLaminated door in the bathroomA wooden door in the bathroomThe metalplastic door to the bathroom and toiletThe glass door to the bathroom
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