Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

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Choice of colors is based on a combination of shades of all parts of a room (doors, floors, walls and furniture). But it is not a established rule but a common view of things.

So do not hesitate to purchase bright unexpected elements that extraordinary fit in an interior. The only thing with what it is not worth experimenting is a combination of floor and doors. A remarkable combination can be the use of dark doors with a light floor covering. Frames and skirting boards in the same tone add special elegance. At the start of the work this approach will help to emphasize a door as an important element in the future, so that the design will be much more spectacular. If an owner prefers chastity and elegance, it is hard to find better choice than a dark door and light floor.Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor 728x483 - Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

Nuances of preferences

Do not forget that the contrast on this scale is popular only in spacious rooms where walls, floors and doors make possibilities for imagination. In a small space, such combination will lose its elegance and beauty. In addition, a room will seem even smaller than it actually is. Also, it makes no sense to do too much stress on emphasizing of a door in the background of an interior. Dark shades, properly fitted in combination with a light tone of home coziness and comfort, create an indescribable atmosphere of peace, security and tranquility. Thus, dark doors are light guard elements of a room and also hosts. The choice is obvious and remarkable. But it is better seeing once is better than hearing twice. So before starting repair you should study different pictures of interiors to try to understand how a certain color  will look in your new room.

Interior design with black doors and white walls and white floors 728x449 - Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

Contrast is justified choice of designers

In order to find an optimal solution in design for interior doors and floors, if floors in all rooms are of different shades, it is not necessary to select a different color for each side of a door. It is too multicolored and too garnish for the perception of eyes. It is important to choose as a color of a door mid-arithmetic shade that will be combined with a floor in joint areas. Dark doors, regardless of appearance (deaf or with glass inserts), surrounded by a light floor and walls, can tell about many things. They whisper about persistent nature of an owner and generally reliability. In such combination spacious lobbies, halls and living rooms show colors to the maximum.

Modern dark door in an apartment with a light floor 728x486 - Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

Choice of color

Black as a classic variant of an interior is already losing its market position when choosing interior doors. More and more owners try to choose a color that will give natural animativeness in the wealth of shades and tones, and that will surprise its nuances. Light refraction method is used. Experts recommend the most fascinating tone:

  • redwood;
  • dark oak;
  • wenge;
  • anegry;
  • gray;
  • dark purple, green or blue;
  • black (though it is in the last place in the list, it is not classified as a losing variant).

Dark doors in a bright room 728x517 - Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

Among the selection of light floors we should remember one unspoken rule - it fits perfectly in the interior of a room. A floor, as well as walls is an inner shell of our comfort. And when selecting of contrast and emphasis properly the mood of an entire room, owners and their guests will be given. Parquet plank or laminate makes warm and cozy rooms while ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles conveys an idea of strict royal apartments. The choice of color and materials of floors, walls and doors makes it possible to transmit thoughts, preferences and tastes.

Apartment design with dark doors 728x619 - Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

Misunderstanding of unity in the interior of your premises can lead to a catastrophic kind of alien intervention. One can imagine that the walls, a floor and doors are not only in a variety of colors, but on the home area also try to accommodate and even combine to the whole materials that may not even be located in proximity to each other. In any case different textures should not be allowed to be in a single environment. For example, natural wood cannot be combined with a cheap plastic or painted door. In any design such combinations cannot cause excitement or emotion, only a gracious smile on the aesthetic approach of owners to this issue.

Black entrance and interior doors for your home 728x448 - Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

Unity of selection of combined wall / floor / doors elements does not mean the exclusion of choice of contrasting textures or colors. A delicate artistic taste of a customer and a contractor combined with a sense of proportion, perhaps, can be called unity. If there is any doubt, it is necessary firstly to look at the pictures of variations of your choice, then to consult with specialists of this profile and, reviewing all the details, to carry out plans according to your taste and imagination. Enjoy choosing.

8 Photos of the Interior with Dark Doors and Light Floor

Black interior door with white walls and light floorBlack door in a bright interior designBlack entrance and interior doors for your homeApartment design with dark doorsDark doors in a bright roomModern dark door in an apartment with a light floorInterior design with black doors and white walls and white floorsInterior with Dark Doors and Light Floor
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